Legs dancing till dawn?

New Year’s Eve and carnival is time of the challenge for your feet and legs. So be well prepared for a great party.


New Year’s Eve and carnival is time of the challenge for your feet and legs. So be well prepared for a great party.

American orthopaedists compare a party on a dance floor lasting several hours to a run for a dozen or so kilometres, irrespective of the type of your dance – samba, waltz or hip hop.  But, dancing may be more tiring than the half marathon – to go dancing you usually wear high heels, not sneakers, therefore it is easy to get muscle, ligament or joint injury, and muscle sores are more than guaranteed.

What to do to dance all night without foot pain, calf burning and injuries? Here is some advice – 4 steps before, during and after the party:

Before the party – 4 steps

– If you do not have to, do not wear high heels, tight stockings or socks with a hem, not to disturb circulation and unnecessarily tire your feet.  It is not recommended to wear new shoes to the party. However, if you buy new stiletto shoes, try to wear them a few days before your dance night.

– Spend each free moment relaxing with your feet up.

– Give your feet a few-hour bath in warm water with two handfuls of relaxing bath salts. If your feet often swell, massage a cooling gel with chestnut extract into your feet in circular movements, to strengthen capillary vessels.

– one hour before you go out, make a short muscle warm-up – a few squats and a series of foot exercises (see the article on how to exercise foot muscles).

At the party – 4 steps

– do not stand too long in one place. If you do not dance, walk to avoid swelling. Spend a few moments in a private place where you could walk a few minutes without shoes.

– if your legs and feet hurt, sit for a moment and do exercises recommended during long-haul flights: put your feet on the ground and lift your heels off the floor and lower them.  Then, without detaching your toes off the floor, make circles with your heels.

– take a cooling gel with you to relieve tired and sore legs, and to reduce any possible swelling.

– you may think about taking another pair of more comfortable shoes, and change them in the middle of the party once your feet have had enough.

Day after the party – 4 steps

– like before the party, soak your feet in warm water with foot salt, but longer than before – for approx. 10-15 minutes.

– when taking a shower, rinse your feet and calves alternately with hot and icy cold water – this will improve circulation and reduce swelling.

– sore feet will be relieved by a massage – rub some cream in circular movements, starting with toes, and finishing with heels and ankles. To reduce tension, apply small circular movements.

– lay down for fifteen minutes with your legs raised and avoid stiletto shoes this day.

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