How to choose right shoes?

Making good women's shoes is really difficult, but fitting them to the size and shape of the foot seems to be a challenge too.


Making good women’s shoes is really difficult, but fitting them to the size and shape of the foot seems to be a challenge too.

It is not only about the size (that is length), but also toe shape, instep and proper balance, as well as width defined by shoe manufacturers by letters E to I. The last things are heel height and width.

The instep is very important. Improperly fitted shoe, especially when it is too narrow, makes the feet become tired, and may lead to metatarsalgia, i.e. metatarsal pains due to foot deformity. Try to buy shoes in the late afternoon or in the evening when the foot is wider (feet in the morning are smaller). When trying new shoes on, take a few steps on hard ground, because feet in such conditions get slightly longer and wider

Good shoes:

– should be of breathable fabric such as leather or not impregnated canvas.

– the sole should be flexible and approx. 1 cm thick – then it is shock absorbent and protects feet against injuries when walking on hard ground.

– it is preferable if the heel cup is rigid and keeps the foot in the right axis. If the shoes are uncovered, all clips, buckles and laces are welcome as they enable to precisely fit the width of the shoe to foot size.

– the front of the shoe should be big enough to place all toes comfortably, without overlapping.

– the insole should be modelled to support natural arches of the foot. It is extremely important that the foot is well supported in the instep, that is between the heel and the place where the big toe bends, where the normal foot has a noticeable arch. In this location the foot should be based on the modelled insole.

– the outsole should be of anti-slip material, flexible inside, preferably made of leather. The inner layer should be smooth, without any protruding seams.

– if you buy heeled shoes – do not let it exceed 6 cm. Heeled shoes should be about 1 cm longer than the foot.

– get special gel cushions, especially for high heel, to reduce metatarsal pressure.

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